Andrew Cope
Business Name: Evergreen Computing
Business Type: Processes & Systems
Email Address:
Phone Number: 01454269087


Andrew Cope is Managing Director at Evergreen. Evergreen has been providing software solutions to businesses since 1999 and looks after over 200 customers with a variety of different software systems.

Evergreen’s solutions can integrate with existing software, preserving vital business data and reducing necessary changes to a manageable amount.

Evergreen’s solutions can enable businesses to:

  • Communicate effectively with remote workers or contractors
  • Control the flow of data throughout your organisation securely
  • Enables staff to concentrate on utilising their skills effectively

Evergreen has a team of 6 programming experts, based just north of Bristol who specialise in CRM, workflow software, business operations systems, BPM, GDPR, data governance, data security, bespoke software systems, legacy software, PHP and MySQL databases.